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colourmemeMerlin/Arthur + pastels & pales. (suggested by anon)

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Tom Felton as Tony Pastula in ‘Ghosts of the Pacific’ (2014)

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Merlin in 4.08 Lamia

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Harry Potter Meme: One House: Slytherin

Our emblem is the serpent, the wisest of creatures; our house colours are emerald green and silver, and our common room lies behind a concealed entrance down in the dungeons. As you’ll see, its windows look out into the depths of the Hogwarts lake. We often see the giant squid swooshing by – and sometimes more interesting creatures. We like to feel that our hangout has the aura of a mysterious, underwater shipwreck…

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I thought we were friends.
As did I. 

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ABC Manipulates Truth to Fit Pro-Israel Bias | Weapons of Mass Distraction

Abby Martin calls out the media framing of the current violence in Gaza and Israel, highlighting how ABC’s Diane Sawyer misdirected viewers when reporting on the violence in Israel while showing pictures of destruction in Gaza.

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harry potter graphics battle: morganapendragons vs. hermiionegrangers

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Merlin Ships Fest | Prompt #4 (merthur)

Before and After (hugs)

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Terrifying Tweets of Pre-Army Israeli Teens

A simple search of Twitter for the string ARAVIM, which means “Arabs” in Hebrew, produces a long list of messages by young Jewish Israelis calling to ethnically cleanse the country.

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@t22felton: Dave Legeno. It was always a pleasure. He was a great talent with a heart of gold and always had time for anyone. Dave was a soft, kind gentleman off screen but had the skill to be the complete opposite on screen. He taught me lots, You will be missed mate xx #DaveLegeno

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